Afifio mai, Susū mai, Maliu mai ma tala mai a’ao



What’s there to know about Samoan Bios?

Well, Samoan Bios was launched online in December of 2011 by a mother who wanted her son to learn more about his Samoan heritage and to also know more about the different ways people of Samoa have contributed to society in different parts of the world. It was also created from discussions that were had with family and friends who just wanted to read up on updates of their favorite Samoan celebrities without having to visit multiple sites to do it. Samoan Bios is not run or funded by any groups or government agencies. It started off as a personal website, now made public for others to enjoy reading too!


What’s the purpose of the website?

We recognize that there are other sites online that have interviews, articles and biographies of our people doing great things in the world, but you would usually have to open up multiple sites to do this, and sometimes, these same sites don’t recognize enough of our Samoan people or they don’t go far back enough in history to write anything at all.

Samoan Bios aims to explore the lives of some of the most prominent and influential people of Samoan heritage – our proud sons and daughters of Samoa and American Samoa. We hope to grow this website into one of the largest Samoan biography databases online, chronicling biographies of men and women from different professions, disciplines and art forms from around the world – old and new, past and present!


There are many people in the world that we have admired and looked up to as children growing up, and in many cases, those same people happen to be of Samoan heritage. Lets all celebrate these wonderful people who hail from the small islands of Samoa and American Samoa, and those living around the world in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Asia to the United States of America.

We hope you enjoy reading the biographies featured on here. Fa’afetai tele lava mole lagolago mai ma le asiasi mai.

Ia Manuia!