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Emma Kruse Va’ai

Personal Life:

Letuimanu’asina Dr. Emma Kruse-Va’ai (born in Samoa) is a published Writer in Poetry and Short Stories, and is also an Educator at the University of Samoa. Kruse-Va’ai is one of eight children in her family and is married to lawyer Alo Vaimoa Va’ai and they have four children together. Her matai chief title is Letuimanu’asina.



Kruse-Va’ai studied at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand and then gained her PhD in English from the University of New South Wales in Australia.


Professional Life:

Kruse-Va’ai was the former Director of Samoa Polytechnic. She is currently the acting Vice-Chancellor of the National University of Samoa, which merged with Samoa’s Polytechnic in 2006. Although Kruse-Va’ai is acting Vice-Chancellor at the University, she is also lecturers in English there too. She is a fierce advocate in education among the Samoan community, and believes it to be the key to a well-rounded society and stable economy’.

Other than being an educator, she is a published poet and writer. Her stories have been translated in other languages in the Pacific Islands. Kruse-Va’ai is also an Executive Committee member of the Samoa Association of Women Graduates (SWAG).

Her published work include: Palolo Time, a poem from Samoa published in 1998, Ready for School, a story from Samoa published in 1998 and Producing the text of culture: the appropriation of English in contemporary Samoa published in 2011.


Source – Savali News, Wikipedia, Wheelers

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