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Leinani Aiono-Le Tagaloa

Personal Life:

Leinani Aiono-Le Tagaloa is an Assistant Clinical Professor for the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacremento, California who specializes in Anesthesiology (pain control).

Aiono-Le Tagaloa comes from a family of academia. Her mother is (Prof.) Aiono (Dr.) Fanaafi Le Tagaloa and her father is Le Tagaloa (Dr.) Pita. Her siblings, Fanaafi Aiono-Le Tagaloa is a PhD graduate in Law from Otago University in New Zealand, Semisi Aiono Le Tagaloa is a General Surgeon based at Wanganui Hospital, and Donna Aiono-Le Tagaloa is a School Principal in Samoa.



Aiono-Le Tagaloa graduated with her MBChB medical degree (Bachelor in Medicine & Bachelor in Surgery) in 1991 from Otago University, New Zealand. The degree used in the United States where Aiono-Le Tagaloa currently resides, is equivalent to an MD (Doctor of Medicine) doctoral degree.

Aiono-Le Tagaloa’s residency was at Dunedin Public Hospital and Auckland Hospitals, and in 2005 was certified as a ‘Fellow of the Australia and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists’ (FANZCA), which is equivalent to an ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) certification.

Aiono-Le Tagaloa went on to begin her one-year clinical fellowship in The Department of Anesthesia at Stanford University in Obstetrical Anesthesia from 2007-08.


Professional Career:

Aiono-Le Tagaloa’s previous research interests have focussed on the area of pain prediction in labor and the practice of Obstetric Anesthesia. Her main interests are in the Management of Analgesia and Anesthesia for labor and delivery, and the Management and Optimization of the difficult airway.

Aiono-Le Tagaloa has professional fellowships to several Society’s and Associations that include American Society of Anesthesiologists, California Society of Anesthesiologists, Society of Obstetric Anesthesiology and Perinatology, Society for Education in Anesthesia, and also the New Zealand Medical Association

Aiono-Le Tagaloa has also contributed to several publications for her Anesthesiology expertise.


Source – UC Davis Health System: Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine

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