Eteuati Ete

Eteuati Ete

Eteuati Ete
Photo Credit: Pasefika Proud

Eteuati Ete

Fusi, Samoa

Comedian in the two-man stand up comedy group ‘Laughing Samoans’. Eteuati has extensive Stage, Film, Television and Radio experience. He is also brother to Igelese Ete.

Taotahi staged the first full length Pacific Island play ever performed in New Zealand called ‘Le Matau’ (1984) in which Eteuati played the lead role.
Eteuati wrote and performed the first solo show by a Pacific Islander in New Zealand (at The Depot, 1987) called ‘The Johnny Smith Myth’.
2003 – Premiered his solo show called ‘Laughing With Samoans’ which was an instant hit, selling out in Auckland and twice in Wellington. The show was MC’d by Tofiga Fepulea’i who opened up the event with his own set. Eteuati was so impressed with Tofiga’s set, that he later decided to team up with him to create the comedy-duo group, the ‘Laughing Samoans’.
First Samoan to attend the New Zealand Drama School
First Samoan and Pacific Islander to write and perform a solo show in New Zealand

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