Lauaki Namulau’ulu Mamoe

Photo Credit: Thomas Andrew between 1891-1939

Lauaki Namulau’ulu Mamoe

Safotulafai, Samoa

Known throughout Samoa for his mastery of history and legend, for his talents as a speaker and political negotiator, and for his prowess in war. He was also an esteemed orator chief and leader of the Mau a Pule.

Led the resistance movement in Savai’i called Mau a Pule in 1908, resisting German colonialism by German Governor Wilhelm Solf. The organising of the Mau a Pule was represented with none or little European influence. For this to have worked, Mamoe relied on Samoa’s chiefly elite in Savai’i to rally support behind the functioning of Mau a Pule. Mamoe and 71 members of the Mau a Pule were aboard the ship SMS Jaguar to be exiled to Saipan in the Mariana Islands. Mamoe never saw Samoa again before his death on December 14, 1915.

Mamoe was the first Leader of the Mau a Pule resistance group against the Germans. This would later become an example to the colonial resistance against New Zealand under the Mau Movement.

Source – Te Papa, Wikipedia

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