Sonny Schmidt

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Sonny Schmidt (born Edmond Alten Schmidt)

New Zealand

1995 IFBB Mr Olympia and one of the greatest Samoan bodybuilders of all time. Schmidt was also featured on several bodybuilding magazine covers.

Schmidt overcame a controversial matter back in 2000, by finding solace in his born-again Christian faith. In late-2003, Schmidt was diagnosed with cancer, but as a testament to the love he inspired – the sweet-natured bodybuilder was surrounded by devoted friends and family on his last day, including his mother, Jane, who traveled from Auckland, New Zealand, to be by his bedside to say goodbye to her son. Sonny Schmidt passed away January 25, 2004.

At 5’10″ and 240 pounds, Schmidt would compete in nearly 50 pro-contents. The highlight of his career is winning the IFBB 1995 Olympia Masters. Schmidt was also the first Samoan and Pacific Islander to feature on various Bodybuilding Magazine covers.

  • First Samoan and Pacific Islander to hold an IFBB Pro-card
  • First Samoan and Pacific Islander to win a IFBB Masters Olympia in 1995
  • First Samoan and Pacific Islander featured on several covers of Bodybuilding Magazines

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